“Impatient” by Dayce ft. Lil Late

From India comes the uber-talented Dayce with the assistance of Lil Late to give life to “Impatient”. With this refreshing and playful soundscape, they tell a story of the unknown and the excitement that is part of a relationship and how we can find it again when we decide to take a new step (maybe a new place, maybe a new phase, simply something new). The track blends melodies and lyrics quite naturally allowing our senses to find a connection within the story for it speaks of the human experience. They collaborate beautifully making sure the voice has the right arrangement of melodies and sounds to catch the listeners off guard and really invite them in.

Something about this song just hits the spot and offers music lovers around the globe a chance to find excitement and magic once more. So listen carefully and let your imagination unfold and become one with this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: India

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