“Why” by Juliette Ashby ft. Aleks Syntek, Carmen Pierri and Daniel Lemma

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Juliette Ashby joins forces with an array of global superstars to give life to the world edition of “Why”. With this exquisite collaboration she invites Mexican legend Aleks Syntek, Up and coming Italian indie singer/songwriter Carmen Pierri and Swedish fan favorite Daniel Lemma to pour their hearts out and connect with the magic of this soundscape. The track blends melodies and lyrics and breaks down the barriers of language by giving us a chance to enjoy an amazing track in various languages yet with the same magic and emotions.

The soundscape unfolds with ease as it showcases the story in English, Spanish and Italian making sure your senses are hooked no matter where you are from and hypnotizing you from the very first note. The track is an instant must-listen gem and offers itself to be a full-on experience for any music lover becoming a fan favorite and a personal of mine. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, and Sweden

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