“Paris” by Canyon City

The uber-talented Paul Johnson AKA Canyon City comes to Wolf in a Suit with the captivating and beautifully vivid sonic and visual gem that is “Paris”. With this soothing and heartwarming blend of melodies and lyrics he invites into his life and his special moments in it while whispering in our ears to look deep into ours. The track inspires you to reminisce and think of those beautiful moments that are part of your story, and how sometimes that beauty has been shared with someone special.

It could be a trip, it could be dinner, it could be a moment grown out of spontaneity but it’s a moment that makes your tale so much more magical and personal ton only the two of you (or more if monogamy is not your thing). So listen, see and be part of the mesmerizing blend of feelings and emotions that make up this amazing track. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“’Paris’ describes a sort of nostalgic day-dream scenario in which the speaker is flipping through old memories like someone would flip through TV channels or home videos. The chorus is, more than recalling a memory, about revisiting and maintaining an emotion, particularly as it pertains to a relationship.

Paul Johnson AKA Canyon City

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