“Frida” by Tyra Jutai

From Canada comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Tyra Jutai with the most amazing pop track in “Frida”. With this refreshing and exhilarating visual and sonic adventure she offers us a chance to explore a brand new realm made of her melodies and lyrics. The approach taken by the music video is so intoxicating and hypnotizing from beginning to end offering our senses a chance to connect instantly. There’s something about her voice that is so unique and magical that you can’t help but fall prey to its sweet poison.

The way in which the voice flows through airwaves has unique unknown je ne sais quoi found in singers such as the late Amy Winehouse and the uber-talented (and personal favorite) Duffy. So listen, imagine and become one with the story that is about to unfold within this must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: Canada

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The song ‘Frida’ was inspired by a beautiful woman who tried to hook up with my boyfriend while I wasn’t around. I really fixated on the psychology of understanding going after someone else’s lover. When I say ‘were you tortured by the same things that I was, running around looking for love to steal’, what I mean is that both Frida and I were lacking love and trying to find it where we could. In my case, I was lacking respect in my relationship, and in hers, I guess it could be lacking attention or affection”.

Tyra Jutai

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