“I’m Hungry” by Novaa

From Germany comes the uber-talented indie goddess Novaa with her latest single, “I’m Hungry”. With this refreshingly soothing and down-to-earth blend of melodies and lyrics she opens up her heart and soul and invites us in to get to know more of the artist and the person. The track is exquisite and understands how to set up the right path that allows the verses to come one after the other connecting with the listeners and really letting us the story that dwells within it. The soundscape caresses our senses and offers us a chance to explore something so human and so raw that we sadly seem to forgot about at times, but this gentle reminder is so strong and so powerful. She has truly crafted an amazing track that easily earns the title of Must-listen gem. So come with me and break down your barriers for Novaa brings forth something personal and so beautifully real. Enjoy!

Location: Germany

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“Often there is an image of eating disorders that holds a harmful and false glamor, that portraits that people have an eating disorder because they want to be skinny, because they want to fit a certain stereotype, which can be the case but mostly there is much more to it. When I was about 14 or 15 I developed an eating disorder. It took me ages to accept that I have it and even longer to decide that I want to heal from it. Sometimes when we don’t understand things, our selves, life, the way people interact with us, with the world, when we feel like we’re not in control of them, we tend to try to find simple solutions. Solutions that make us feel like we’re in control. I found control in treating my body, myself in a way I wanted to, in a way that was harmful. It obviously was an illusion, but at those times a very convincing one to me. I am still and constantly learning and healing from it, and „I’m Hungry“ is a part of my learning, my healing process. If you struggle with something similar, I see you, I feel you, you got this, you are loved.”


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