“I Lied” by Lord Huron ft. Allison Ponthier

The amazing indie band Lord Huron joins forces with the talented singer/songwriter Allison Ponthier and together they give life to “I Lied”. With this bittersweet and haunting blend of melodies and lyrics they showcase a connection that is so natural and so magical as together they give life a tale so raw and so human. The way in which the melodies and lyrics complement each other allows the track to caress our senses and gives us a chance to become one with a story of life, relationships and the harsh truth of our fragile human hearts.

The vivid and surreal yet down-to-earth visual and sonic mix make for a truly mesmerizing and memorable experience that serves to cement this track as a must for any music lover. So listen, see and embrace the sweet dose of musical ambrosia offered by this amazing track. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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