“The Pancake Song” by Nikita Afonso

From Canada comes the uber-talented Nikita Afonso with the captivating and soothing sonic creation that is “The Pancake Song”. With this sweet and romantic blend of melodies and lyrics she tells a story of a love that is so endearing, so honest and so beautifully real. The track takes something that some might consider mundane but in reality holds so much, as all that matters are those little things/moments that makes a relationship so special and yours. She caresses perfection by offering our senses and imagination a tale that is so instantly relatable and human that we can’t help but smile as it comes alive.

Honestly, this track will remind you of all those little things that at times are taken for granted but end up making that person you love most be so special and unique within your heart, you soul and the entirety of your life. So listen carefully, hold those hands and dance gently with that special person as this must-listen gem caresses both of you. Enjoy!

Location: Canada

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