“Sweet Temptation” by Sofia Monroy

From Sweden comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Sofia Monroy with bilingual sonic creation that is “Sweet Temptation”. With this refreshing and enticing blend of melodies and lyrics she invites us into her world and almost instantly, our senses are hooked and we become one with it. The track is an immediate must-listen gem that is so playful, captivating and uniquely hypnotizing making for a truly amazing experience that is bound to make this an instant addition to any playlist. Something about it just hits the spot and feels so lush and so vivid as it invites your imagination to play along and take you to the realm where the story takes place. So listen, feel and embrace the magical escapism served by this amazing must-listen track. Enjoy!

Location: Sweden

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“Sweet Temptation and my upcoming EP is, to me, about female liberation. I struggled a lot earlier with taking control over the music-making process and trust my own opinion. I think it’s easy as a young female to question yourself when other people, especially men, are trying to decide for you. It’s been a challenge and still is sometimes, but I’ve taken the control into my own hands, and because of that, I’m very excited for this release. It’s more me, more eccentric, and it’s been a self-exploring journey that I can’t wait to share with everyone.”

Sofia Monroy

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