“Flatline” by Maryon

From the UK comes the absolutely amazing and talented Maryon with her latest single, “Flatline”. With this honest and bittersweet blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the aftermath of a heartbreak and how sometimes truly moving is harder than we originally realized. The track understands that while you might not be with that person anymore, the memories still remain and sometimes they still feel as palpable as the days in which they came into fruition. She embraces the bittersweet nature of the verses to give life to a soundscape bound to connect with the listeners in such natural and human manner.

The soundscape unfolds perfectly into the airwaves and as the story becomes clearer and clearer we can feel the connection for it is something we have either seen, heard or lived. So listen closely and find the connection that awaits you within this fantastic must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“Flatline tells the story of a troubled relationship and the resurfacing of that particular person in my thoughts. It’s about missing someone but realising you have to turn them off before you can actually move on.”


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