“Risk It All” by Haunter (Demitri Medina Remix )

Indie band Haunter gets a fresh spin on their catchy sonic gem “Risk It All” with a remix courtesy of Demitri Medina. With this exquisite take, he adds a few more layers of electronica giving the track a more playful and fun feel that is instantly captivating and so refreshingly inviting. The route taken in this remix also has those moments in which it lets the voice shine through and simply hits us with all the feels as our senses collide with the feelings and emotions that dwell within this soundscape. He respects that unique touch of the original while adding on the experience, allowing the fans to not feel alienated and realize that the song is still a home meant for them.

The track is a one-of-a-kind must-listen gem bound to connect with all who listen as it becomes an instant fan favorite. So come with me and let us dive into the magical and enticing realm of this amazing track. Enjoy!

Location: USA

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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