“Old Friends” by The Patch

From Austria comes the indie folk sounds of The Patch and with him arrives the sonic creation that is “Old Friends”. With this refreshingly soothing and inspiring soundscape he invites the listener to take a step back and look within to understand what happiness entails. He embraces the sweet magic that can be found within each of us and reminds us that happiness does not need much to exist for it has always been waiting inside our hearts and souls. He explores the relationship that we craft with ourselves and how sometimes we can be our own worst enemies while pushing us towards a more positive relationship.

There’s something about this blend of melodies and lyrics that makes for an instant must-listen gem that you are sure to want to share. It truly knows how to pull you in and gives your senses a welcomed serving of escapism and good vibes. Enjoy!

Location: Austria

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“‘Old Friends’ is about finding out who you are and about being happy with yourself. Like most of my songs this song leaves space for interpretations though. The story depends on who is listening.”

The Patch

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