“Calling Out” by Erik Nordblad

From Sweden comes the talented singer/songwriter Erik Nordblad with the introspective and inspiring sonic creation that is “Calling Out”. With this refreshingly charming and inviting soundscape he gives life to a tale quite beautiful and welcoming. The melodies and lyrics connect with one another in such natural fashion allowing it to simply speak to us and caress our senses while offering an escape from reality to our imagination. There’s something about this track that feels so raw, so real and so perfectly imperfect and human adding a special layer to it that simply knows how to feel relatable.

Personally, this song became an instant favorite and offered a sense of peace that was unexpected but truly gratifying. So listen with me and simply enjoy the must-listen magic of this track.

Location: Sweden

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 “At first, music was a way for me to reflect and sort things out, for myself. I now realize that I can actually influence and help other people, and for me, that feels important. That’s what motivates me and what keeps me making new music.

Erik Nordblad

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