“Black Helicopters” by Wilderfire

Los Angeles-based artist Donnie Stemp comes to Wolf in a Suit with his latest project, Wilderfire, and his latest single, “Black Helicopters”. With a refreshing and soothingly inviting blend of melodies and lyrics, he pulls us into a realm bound to connect with the listeners instantly. The track caresses our senses and speaks to us in a way that invites us to bring down our defenses and simply become one with what subtly unfolds. The soundscape understands the sweet charm of a piano as it brings forth verse after verse that are filled with warmth and mesmerizing magic.

His voice has that unique touch of the unknown that understands the power found within music that makes these creations send a shockwave to our imagination. So listen, see and fall down this unknown yet hypnotizing rabbit hole. Enjoy!

Location: USA

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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