“Midnight” by Zac Pajak

From the UK comes the always amazing Zac Pajak with the endearing and relatable sonic creation that is “Midnight”. With this refreshingly charming and soothing soundscape, he explores the sweet beauty and magic of a love that shines through even when there’s a physical distance between the two hearts. With the blend of melodies and lyrics, he paints a picture that is so human and inviting allowing our imagination to become one with the story that unfolds as the track takes shape and form.

With each verse, we can see how amazing this love that he has found truly is and while distance tends to be a deal-breaker, we can’t help but want him to stick there and keep pushing on. So listen closely and be part of this amazing adventure and embrace the sweet escape provided by this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“Midnight is about being apart from someone you love and longing to be with them. For whatever reason, the world is telling you to let go, but you know that what you’ve found is too good to give up and turn your back on.”

Zac Pajak

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