“Runnin’ 2 death” by Alex O’aiza

Texas-based indie singer/songwriter Alex O’aiza is one of my favorites and his latest single, “Runnin’ 2 death” is proof of why. The track is electric, raw and so refreshingly honest and insightful that you’ll find yourself learning something new once the sonic adventure is over. His voice has that certain unknown magic that makes it so utterly mesmerizing and easy to connect allowing the lyrics and melodies to come together and really pull you in. He explodes into the airwaves and with a rebel yell speaks his truth and that of many, reminding us that we gotta do something different because what we are doing ain’t no good for anyone. So listen carefully and fall prey to the intoxicating sweet magic of this amazing must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“This song was inspired by the disgust I have towards our current social economic climate here in the USA. Our current system uses and abuses the vast majority of Americans, as well as non-Americans. Companies and big business exploit people’s labour every single day, and continue to leech off of their time, dreams and aspirations. My parents have lived and raised me off of slave wages ever since I can remember. They’re fifty and in my eyes, they never got to live their lives. They never had an opportunity to invest into their dreams and aspirations. They never had time for self and world exploration. All they cared about for decades was “how are we going to keep our family fed?” I feel like their lives have been stolen from them. These types of stories plague the United States today in 2021. People are being worked to the bone with no compensation – profit rules over people’s lives.”

Alex O’aiza

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