“Sad + Boring” by Issermann

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Issermann comes to us with the haunting and captivating sonic creation that is “Sad + Boring”. With this refreshing and instantly relatable and honest blend of melodies and lyrics he paints a picture that is so raw and so human. The track explores the harsh reality that at times can be found within relationships and life and how at times we start to question if we matter and why won’t someone simply love us the way we want. The soundscape comes alive softly and gently but something about it ends up feeling so powerful and heart-wrenching as it finds the dots to connect for us. He has crafted a uniquely mesmerizing and down-to-earth must-listen gem that is sure to feel as much ours as his. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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More of Issermann

“Why bother making entire music videos anymore? I did a full video for the lead single but for the other tracks I had a choice; either make one more music video or make this mini-video series and give each track its spotlight. This smaller format seems to fit with the way we all use Instagram, Tik Tok and socials in general.”