“A Better Place” by Christy

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Christy with the beautifully mesmerizing sonic creation that is “A better place”. With this refreshingly down to earth and vulnerable blend of melodies and lyrics he tells a story that is sure to connect with each listener. The soundscape unfolds beautifully into the airwaves that surround us as they caress our senses and speak to our imagination with a gentle and friendly tone. There’s something about this track that simply understands the meaning of being human as it embraces the fragile yet magical nature of our existence. The track is vivid and quite lush making for an experience bound to be unforgettable and a must for any music lover. So listen closely and explore the sweet escape offered by this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“‘A Better Place’ is very nostalgic for me. This was the first song I wrote that kicked off my whole musical journey. I wrote it 4 years ago, while I was working in Paris at a time in my life where everything was changing rapidly and going very fast paced. Looking back on that now, I remember it as one of the best times in my life. For this reason ‘A Better Place’ means a hell of a lot to me, so we decided to record it as a live take to capture the most raw, emotive performance.”


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