“Where You Feel” by Keli Holiday

From Australia comes the uber-talented Keli Holiday with the catchy and fun sonic gem that is “Where you feel”. With this track he blends melodies and lyrics in a way that you can’t help but just want to sing along and dance as it comes alive and becomes one with the airwaves that surround you. The track is vivid and quite lush offering our senses a much-needed escape from reality and into a realm of Mexican cola, magical waves and all-around good times. The soundscape has it all to put you on a good mood as it plays with your imagination while a bite of the musical ambrosia that it offers. Honestly, it’s simply one hell of a song that is sure to become a fan favorite and earn the title of must-listen gem from the very first second. So listen, imagine and embrace the sweet magic of this fantastic contemporary masterpiece. Enjoy!

Location: Australia

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