“Flint & Steel” by Chris Short ft. SJ Talbot

Uber-talented Irish singers/songwriters Chris Short and SJ Talbot join forces and give life to “Flint & Steel”. With this refreshing take on romance and love, they give life to a contemporary blend of melodies and lyrics that explores how broad the definition of these can actually be. They embrace the reality that when you fall for someone and sparks fly, it does not necessarily mean it will be for a lifetime…sometimes it’s just for one night. The perfect setting is not always on a forever base and sometimes it’s just that special moment in which two people meet and something simply happens. It’s that magical unknown that we always want to define as one thing but never truly can. So listen, see and explore the sweet escape offered by this must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

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“flint on its own doesn’t do much – and steel the same – but if you strike them together sparks fly. So much has to be in place to create the perfect environment, very similar to when two people come together and either connect or not. I also talk about the flip side were getting close to someone is great, but it has the potential to hurt when it goes wrong. Sometimes we take the risk and it pays off, sometimes we don’t allow something more than a one-night stand, as the song goes, ‘and no one gets hurt’.”

Chris Short

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