“Looking for a friend” by Band of Silver

US-based indie pop-rock act Band of Silver comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the inviting and inspiring sonic creation that is “Looking for a friend”. With this exquisite and warm blend of melodies and lyrics, the band understands that we all go through tough times, and sometimes we need something or someone in our corner. The band gives life to this amazing soundscape to make sure we are reminded that no matter what, these are verses are here to pick us up and motivate us to push forward. The track is a must for any music lover for it not only offers amazing music bound to grab a hold of our senses, but it also offers us an always welcomed dosed of hope. So listen, smile and push forward as you press play and let this amazing must-listen gem be part of the soundtrack of your life. Enjoy!

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“When you’re going through hard times, you’ve got to keep fighting, we wrote this song to remind ourselves of that as much as anyone else.” 

Avery Silvernagel of Band of Silver

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