“Tired” by Skott ft. Shylde

Swedish indie musical goddess Skott joins forces with Shylde and together they give life to the magical and strangely upbeat sonic creation that is “Tired”. With this refreshing captivating blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to a soundscape bound to grab a hold of you and deliver relatable moments that feel so real and so human. The track has a playful and hypnotizing duality as the verses speak of being exhausted and lacking the energy to continue but the instruments come together full of energy and passion as if motivating you to continue pushing on. So listen and be hypnotizing by this must listen gem bound to caress your senses and speak to your soul. Enjoy!

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“After the wild ride of the past year, I feel people can probably relate to a lot of the lyrics. Even though it’s about being exhausted, the song has this driving beat that just doesn’t quit, like you’re SOOO tired but you just can’t find it within yourself to give up. There’s also something almost beautiful in the melody too, with a darkness, but still a tiny glimmer of hope.

‘Tired’ wasn’t supposed to be a song for Skott, originally. When I wrote it with my guitarist and friend Shylde, I was only there as a songwriter. But we had way too much fun making it and I got attached… I couldn’t help myself from singing along, and as these melodies emerged it became obvious that we just had to do this one together.”


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