“A Change Will Come” by Alex Runo

Uber-talented Swedish indie singer/songwriter Alex Runo comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the inspiring sonic creation that is “A Change Will Come”. With this refreshingly captivating and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, he brings forth a gentle reminder that change can happen, but it needs for us to be part of it. He embraces hope and hard work in one soundscape making sure we understand that we can’t just sit and wait, we need to get up and put in the hard work to make sure all we hope for has a proper chance to become reality. He understands that at times we humans like to sit and wait and blame the world for all that happens while not accepting that by doing nothing we are also part of the issue we so eagerly complain about. So listen closely, smile, be inspired by this must-listen gem, and go out into the world with the motivation to be part of the change that will come. Enjoy!

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“A Change Will Come” is a song about hope. The hope for change that we all feel right now. But it’s also about not just sitting back and expecting things to happen. We have to work for it. 

Alex Runo

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