A Double Dose of … Emmrose

First of all, we go through a visual adventure that speaks from the heart with the music video for “Ballad for the boy next door”. With this refreshingly captivating blend of melodies and lyrics, the uber-talented US-based Emmrose pulls us into a story that is sure to connect with all who listen. She speaks of a tale of a crush and the anxiety that ensues once you start debating where to say something or keep quiet. She perfectly showcases this internal batt;e in a way that makes us feel an instant connection as the verses and melodies perfectly become one with the visual approach. The video truly serves to make the experience so much powerful caressing our senses while making sure we are able to find a reflection of ourselves within this tale. She has crafted something so vivid and so lush that you are sure to be hypnotized and pulled by it. So listen, see and explore this refreshingly fragile and honest reality.

And now…”The Imposter”

And now let’s explore the sonic realm of Emmrose’s latest single, say hello to “The Imposter”. With this refreshingly captivating blend of melodies and lyrics, she explores the weight the world and our own view of everything tend to have upon us. The track embraces the harsh truth that we sometimes lack the necessary capacity to embrace our worth and rely on others should be welcomed for friends and family are there for you. She caresses our hearts and souls with verses that speak to just to our imagination but to our very humanity. The track truly is a vivid and soothingly charming soundscape bound to make us feel a certain sense of peace and understanding. Enjoy!

“I hope this song can help people that also struggle with their self-worth, as well as finding ways to cope with their anxiety through the support of friends and family.”


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