“nobody loves you” by Sara Phillips

With an honest and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics comes the US-based indie goddess that is Sara Phillips with his latest musical creation, “nobody loves you”. With this bittersweet yet down to earth soundscape she gives life to a tale that is sadly so human and so real as she explores loneliness and death in a way that instantly makes a home out of your heart and soul. The track paints a picture that is so raw and so real that there’s no way you can claim this is made of fantasies and dreams when it’s clear that heartfelt storytelling is what’s guiding us through this reality. She makes sure her voice becomes one with all the feelings and emotions possibly conveyed by the verses as they come together one after the other reminding us to really look at those we care for and make sure we appreciate them and that they know they matter. There’s something about this track that is so mature and so mesmerizing that you can’t help but want to hear it over and over again as it breaks down your walls and shows you the fragile nature of our existence in a way that is frankly, magical. Enjoy!

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“‘nobody loves you’ was written after the death of a family member and the number of deaths of artists in the industry, and came from a feeling that people don’t truly care for or appreciate you until it’s too late. It also touches on the loneliness of having moved away from home and of living in a city like Los Angeles.” 

Sara Phillips

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