“Thousand Stars” by Francis Moon ft. The Hollow Men

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Francis Moon joins forces with label-mates The Hollow Men and together they deliver the sonic gem that is “Thousand Stars”. With this refreshing and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics they speak before or after this pandemic in which we can find certainty and assurance in how things are going. The track understands that sadly now we can’t claim to have this, for the world is suffering and we are all continuously adapting to how our countries react to each changing moment brought forth by the virus that is running havoc around the world. The soundscape manages to focus mainly on a hopeful sense of a spring in which we can smile and be true our dreams as we once more are allowed to explore the world and life as we did before. So listen closely and find peace within this amazing must listen gem for it is sure to speak to your heart and soul. Enjoy!

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“The song has really pushed us both as artists, to improve creatively as songwriters and to dare to try new things such as structure, instruments, and other small details. It is easy to create the same thing repeatedly, but that is not really pushing yourself as a songwriter”

Francis Moon

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