“Drowning” by Armen Paul

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Armen Paul comes to us with the honest and relatable sonic gem that is “Drowning”. With this personal and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics he gives life to a tale that explores the fragile nature of the human heart, mind and soul. The soundscape pulls us in gently and speaks to our senses in a way that really allows us to bring down our defenses and simply connect with his story for it is a reflection of ours. His voice serves as the perfect guide to enter a realm that is filled with moments of vulnerability and understanding that make for a truly gratifying experience. So listen closely and fall prey to the sweet touch of this amazing must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“This past year, at times I found myself hesitant to reach out to others for help when I needed it. I held back out of fear of being perceived as weak or because it felt like I was imposing an unnecessary burden on someone else. However, when I finally built up the courage to ask for help I was met with incredible empathy and understanding.”

Armen Paul

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