“Dead Bodies Filled With Bacardi” by Eli Gosling

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Eli Gosling comes to us with the honest and relatable sonic creation that is “Dead Bodies Filled With Bacardi”. With exquisite and intoxicating passion he pulls us into a realm that is so personal yet so instantly inviting and easy to connect. He lets the melodies and lyrics come together and caresses our senses with the perfect touch allowing our imagination to feel all that is part of this one of a kind soundscape. There’s something about this track that just speaks to you making sure you feel the hypnotizing magic of this amazing must listen gem from the moment you press play. The track hits the nail right in the head making for a truly amazing one of a kind exploration of the fragile nature of the human existence. Enjoy!

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This song is about the different experiences that we have as humans and what happens when you get intoxicated on drink, love or whatever. It represents that break from the norm which makes a person do a loop the loop with enormous highs and crashing lows, people become almost like zombies blurred in the loop of life. It represents whatever your poison may be, in this case I’ve called it Bacardi….dead bodies filled with Bacardi”

Eli Gosling

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