“Bat and Ball” by Eiza Murphy

Irish indie singer/songwriter Eiza Murphy comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the hypnotizing sonic creation that is “Bat and Ball”. With this refreshing and insightful blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the power struggle within relationships showcasing the harsh truth that misogyny and a need for dominance are sadly at play. She gives life to a story that is so raw and so human making the vivid imagery pull you in and connect almost immediately. The track showcases all of this with minute detail and with such passion that whether you knew or not, now you see clearly that the need to share and be equal within relationships and life are so needed and personally could be so beneficial. In the end we are left with the idea that power is not just for one side of the relationship but for both leading to see clearly that listening and understanding each other is so much fulfilling and could really provide each individual with a true sense of happiness and acceptance. So listen closely and pay attention for there’s a valuable lesson that showcases the reality of our lives as men and women and how we interact with each other and how we can improve and grow to communicate better within this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“I think in every relationship (not just romantic) there’s a power play going on. One person always seems to be more in control, even if it’s barely noticeable. I played with the idea of dominance being shared in ‘Bat and Ball’ because I think it should be.”

Eiza Murpshy

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