“L’Amoureuse” by Tiphanie Doucet

Uber talented French singer/songwriter Tiphanie Doucet comes to Wolf in a Suit with the magical masterpiece that is “L’Amoureuse”. With this refreshingly soothing and bittersweet blend of melodies and lyrics, she tells a story of falling in love yet realizing that it can’t last for there are many things beyond your grasp that lead this story to an end. It’s a beautiful and captivating soundscape the embraces your senses and feeds your imagination with the perfect dose of romanticism and realism. The track is a must for any music lover for it holds in its peaceful charm and fire that is quite endearing and hypnotizing. Enjoy!

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“I wrote this song about a relationship that was fast but stopped pretty quickly, out of fear coming from him… later on I discovered that more things were involved. But it was true that I saw myself falling for this guy in an unexpected moment. L’ Amoureuse means “the girl in love” and in general this is how I see myself, I am passionately in love with a lot of things.

When we stopped the relationship we tried to stay friends. I wrote many songs during these moments where we were having such a good time. I was like “ why couldn’t we let this work, why did we give up?” and sometimes I would just want to stay with him, for an hour, a night, and not think about anything. But he was with someone else after, and I learned she was around way before I was.

This song is about that. A lullaby you would sing to the love you lost, and about these beautiful stories that will never really be, although they were pretty strong feelings.”

Tiphanie Doucet

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