“4:45” by DR!FTWOOD

UK-based indie band DR!FTWOOD comes to Wolf in a Suit with the honest and introspective sonic gem that is “4:45”. With this refreshingly human and powerful blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to a tale that speaks of the power of the people that surround you. We all try to have the right people around us but sometimes we just miss the mark and create a relationship with those that can end up pushing us towards the edge (even making us think of suicide). The track is vividly hypnotizing and made up of feelings and emotions that are so real and so relatable that you will feel as if you were living within the realm of this track. The soundscape is refreshing for it explores a topic rarely done and understands how sometimes going a personal route can help others feel a connection. So listen closely for this track is truly a must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“This track ties to outline how dangerous it can be to have toxic people around you. This is a very personal song, that reflects on our own experiences.”