“Still take you” by Michael Shynes

Indie singer/songwriter Michael Shynes comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time and he does so with the visual and sonic gem that is “Still take you”. With this refreshingly down-to-earth and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives life to a tale of love and understanding. With each verse, he explores what lies beyond the fairytales and the magic that surrounds the experience of falling for someone with a mature and honest touch. The track embraces the fact that we all have our good and our bad and really loving someone is more than being there in the highs. He reminds us that love is also shown when the person you care for most is at his/her lowest point, this will test your heart and the strength of your words. Everyone and anyone can say “I love you” but the truth of the matter, not all do so with the truth or even understand the power of these 3 words put together. So listen carefully for this story is sure to hit home for more than a few. Enjoy the warm and mesmerizing magic of this must-listen/must-see gem.

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“The voices in our heads are seldom kind, but they only control us if we allow them to. Finding love can be the antidote to feeding into the lesser versions of ourselves. I think the importance of finding the right person lies in the fact that we are all anxious and insecure. We need the support of someone who can reassure and support us in moments of weakness and self doubt. Finding the person who will support you in your lowest moments, and offering that support in return, will create a place of balance. Balance is the key to life. The video really drives that home as well.”

Michael Shynes

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