“PISTOLWHIP” by spill tab

The uber-talented and mesmerizing spill tab comes to Wolf in a Suit with the refreshingly intoxicating sonic gem that is “PISTOLWHIP”. With this amazing blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a track you’ll wish never ended for it packs so much fire and pure magic in its 2 minutes and 16 seconds of runtime. The track explores a theme that is so human and so raw making for the perfect showcase of what goes through our minds and hearts when love, anger, and sadness collide with each other. The enticing union of visuals and sounds makes for one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have, serving your senses with the perfect dose of musical ambrosia. She is simply a force of nature made to shine within the music industry and to give pop a much-needed facelift. So listen, see, and fall prey to the sweet touch of this amazing musical masterpiece. Enjoy!

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spill tab on the track & music video

It was SO fucking cold the day we shot PISTOLWHIP. It was like 22 degrees and I’m ripping around on a tiny dirt bike with only a scarf holding my titties together. Jade (the director and editor) was such a trooper and was just getting it done and we had so many laughs. She also managed to make me look so badass on this little machine that was maxing out at like 20 mph. It was awesome. 

I wanted to imagine what it’d be like in the head of someone who’s just finding out they’re being cheated on. They’re vacillating between pure rage and just wanting to hold on ’cause they love that person so deeply, and then the underlying issues of that relationship sort of start to show in the second verse. It’s just a descent into madness I guess.”

spill tab