“Remember you were the one” by SHY Martin

Uber talented Swedish indie goddess SHY Martin comes to us once more with another sonic masterpiece, say hello to “Remember you were the one”. With this exquisite and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics she gives life to a track that explores the aftermath of a breakup in which one side is trying hard to put it all back together but fails to understand that’s not possible any more. While the other side tries to erase the mistakes and not be held accountable for them anymore, she is placing the final nails on that coffin as she invites us to be part of the conclusion of this story in which the other side was the one who ended everything through lies, mistakes and sadly taking everything for granted. So listen, see and dive into the honest and hypnotizing magic of this amazing soundscape for you are sure to find something relatable and so human within it. Enjoy!

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“I feel like I‘ve become better at respecting myself and my energy during the last year, I’ve learnt to move away from situations and people that don’t make me happy. I’ve never been good at letting relationships go and as a songwriter I’ve always gone back to old relationships trying to figure out why they went wrong or if I could have done something differently to change the outcome. This song is the first one I’ve written about accepting it for what it is instead of dwelling on the past”

SHY Martin

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