“I’m Trash” by Sandra Iris

Spanish indie singer/songwriter Sandra Iris comes to us with a personal and hypnotizing sonic gem in “I’m Trash”. With this refreshing human showcase of feelings and emotions she paints a picture that explores what falling for someone can entail, specially if that someone is a friend. The track does not shy away from the confusion and bittersweet aftertaste that something like this can leave to your heart and your mind making sure we are pulled in the world where all of this takes place. The melodies and lyrics complement each other perfectly feeding our senses with all that’s needed to realize we are traversing the sweet honest magic of a must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“‘I’m Trash’ is an ironic song. It tells the story of being in love with a friend, while they are in love with someone else. You feel like shit yes, but then you reach a cathartic point where you don’t give a fuck and you write this song making fun of you for being dramatic about this. It’s not the end of the world.”

Sandra Iris

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