“Rebound” by The Million

Australian indie pop band The Million comes to Wolf in a Suit with the catchy and refreshingly charming sonic gem that is “Rebound”. With honest and in your face melodies and lyrics the guys give life to a tale that so real and so human showcasing a toxic relationship. The guys make sure the right arrangements are set in place to fully allow the vocals to guide us through the mayhem that was once the relationship showcase within it. There’s something about the track that while serious still manages to make us smile and invite us to have some fun as the cars get scratched, stuff flies from side to side and screaming contests take place within the realm of this soundscape. So dive into this song and connect with the mesmerizing magic of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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Rebound is a tongue in cheek song written post-breakup to make light of a once toxic relationship. This was actually a song of many firsts for The Million. It was the first song we wrote after we released Hydration Station, our first song we wrote with Dylan Nash & also our first time really experimenting with electronic instruments.

The Million

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