“Diving Line” by Stray Fossa

US based indie pop/rock band Stray Fossa comes to us once more with exquisitely hypnotizing sonic gem that is “Diving Line”. With this refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics the give life a soundscape bound to connect with most listeners as it draws inspiration from the first lockdown. The track comes to us and offers our senses a strange yet welcomed flavor of peace and escapism that instantly caresses our senses and invites us to find a certain brand of freedom within it. There’s something about it that gives you not only an amazing musical experience but also something so human and relatable. So listen closely and find a escape from reality within this must listen gem. Enjoy!

"...Have to stay here
(Trapped at home)
With the weight that
(You don’t know)
  If I'm underreacting
     Find a place to
       (Be alone)
          And the weight that
            (You don’t know)
               Is it all as it seems?..."

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“It was the peak of the first lockdown; we were tracking our album at home. Diving Line is the only track to explicitly reference the time period. We wanted to write about finding optimism in another person.”

Stray Fossa

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