“Sometimes” by Philly Billy ft. Trippz Michaud

Norwegian producer Philly Billy joins forces with the mesmerizing and chameleonic vocals of Trippz Michaud to give life to the sonic masterpiece that is “Sometimes”. With the riveting and hypnotizing verses connecting with the soothing and inviting melodies they embrace the bittersweet reality of life in a way that is not only relatable but instantly intoxicating. The track explores the harsh truth that we all bend and break from time to time and sometimes we just need something or someone to bring us back from the darkness that is also part of our existence. The approach taken by the music video perfectly enhances the sonic experience for it allows Trippz to take the lead and showcase not only the duality of the verses but also how these come alive within him. So come with me and let us dive into the realm that these two uber-talented artists have crafted with utmost care and honesty. Enjoy!

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