“Something wrong with my mind” by Mountain Bird

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Mountain Bird continues to explore various side of modern life and technology and this time delivers the sonic gem that is “Something wrong with my mind”. With this exquisite and well-crafted blend of melodies and lyrics he dives deeper into the dark side of social media and online advertising. With this soundscape he reflects on the scary side of AI infused advertisement that seems to always keep tabs on us as it aims to sell the expected ingredients for the perfect life we at times discuss in private. The visual approach complements the sonic side quite perfectly inviting us to wonder if technology is evolving faster than we are as it constantly puts all that we talk about and even think about in front of us. There’s no running away from it, it can be found on your phone, your computer and anything that’s connected through technology – the sale is never-ending, but your finances do have a limit that rarely meets the needs of the fantasy being constantly sold all over the place. So listen, see and wonder if what’s coming together within this must listen gem is a reflection of a question that lies dormant (or maybe not) inside of you. Enjoy!

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“The video is about humans existing only to pay bills and serve growth. Modern man together with technology and its effect on the speed of society isn’t only good or bad – it really alters our way of thinking internally as well. The video is inspired by the presence of AI in advertising, and how our digital imprint only works to serve the engine to make us purchase things and behave accordingly, otherwise we have no use in this digital world ”

Mountain Bird

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