“Down the line” by Gabrielle Current

From Los Angeles comes the uber-talented and hypnotizing indie singer/songwriter Gabrielle Current and with her comes the sonic gem that is “Down the line”. With this refreshingly honest and empowering blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the end of a relationship with someone else and the start of a relationship with herself. She embraces the sad truth that what once was is no more and while it might initially cause some pain, this will eventually fade away for she her fire has never needed anyone else to keep it burning. There’s something about the track that rings so true and offers our senses a fine dose of inspiration and motivation to embrace the fact that we are all more than enough and that satisfaction can be found within our own skin. The soundscape caresses our imagination and offers us a chance to simply let go of the past that at times holds us down with raw and hypnotizing lyricism. So come closer and let the sweet magic of this must listen gem give you that push to keep on moving forward towards what you want and need for you and only you. Enjoy!

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“‘Down the Line’ definitely set the tone for this project. It was the first song I wrote for the EP and all the songs that followed are really just extensions of the struggle I felt during that time. It’s a reflection of my ability to process change and experience the freedom that comes with it. It was through the letting go of a familiar relationship that I gained an independence and a type of freedom that could only come from me.”

Gabrielle Current

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