“Mine Forever” by Lord Huron

The Always hypnotizing and uber-talented indie band Lord Huron come to us once more with their latest music video for their song “Mine Forever”. With an enticing and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics the band comes to us with their signature surreal sound ready to connect with our senses and tell us a story that is both personal and universal. The track caresses the borders of what makes a track feel classic and modern with such mastery that there’s no way you can’t help but fall prey to the sweet touch of it’s sound. It does not matter what your age or gender may be for this song has it all to simply connect. There’s something about this song that will grab a hold of your imagination and instantly paint a vivid picture bound to speak directly to your soul as it comes together verse after verse. So come with me and let us experience the wide array of feelings and emotions that make this must-listen / must-see gem their home. Enjoy!

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