“LDSAC” by Travi The Native

Uber-talented UK based indie singer/songwriter Travi The Native comes to us with the powerful and honest musical creation that is “LDSAC”. With this refreshingly captivating and bittersweet blend of melodies and lyrics he explores the other sides of love with a mature and down to earth understanding that aims to grasp the fact that love cannot do it all on its own. He takes a few steps away from the fantasies constantly sold and aims to be more human and true to himself and his verses come together one after the other wondering if love is enough and if it stands a chance against all that life throws your way. The soundscape is hypnotizing and instantly relatable for he understands that love takes effort, pretty words and long nights spent together are not enough to keep it together and not crumble under the weight of distance, mental health and everything that comes with life and relationships. So listen and fall prey to the honest magic of his must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“LDSAC is an honest account of trying to navigate distance and mental health within a relationship. We’ve always known love as this force that can solve things. But for love to work, so many other things need to work alongside it. Communication, closeness, intimacy, time, fun, excitement. If all you have is love, just on its own, and things aren’t working quite as they should be, you start to question whether love is actually enough. “What if our love doesn’t stand a chance?”

Travi The Native

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