“Leave me blind” by MADOUX

From the Netherlands comes the uber-talented indie goddess MADOUX with her electro-pop bittersweet and honest sonic creation “Leave me blind”. With this refreshingly hypnotizing and human blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the moments in which a relationship is holding by a thread and one side is hopeful thinking that things can be fixed while the other is ready to say goodbye. She understands that sometimes we need the cold hard truth to break away no matter how much it can hurt for this pain will be momentary, but the time wasted in trying to fix something already broken will never come back. The track is powerful and mesmerizing leaving you no chance to walk away until the end, you are pulled and every part of you needs and craves more and more of the sweet release offered by this must listen gem. She offers us the chance to embrace the sad reality that at times is part of relationships and with a unique touch she gently reminds us that a chapter is ending but the story is ongoing. Enjoy!

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