“Fast” by Monnize Wolff

Brazilian indie singer/songwriter Monnize Wolff comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with her own brand of bossa nova pop in her sonic gem “Fast”. With this refreshingly captivating and soothing soundscape she explores the extent of love as her heart is swooned by someone who sadly does not seem to look her way. The track has something about it, that as it blends melodies and lyrics, a picture comes alive and a story unfolds in front of us pulling us gently to be part of it. The way the track makes sure her voice guides us through this inspiring and hypnotizing realm is quite welcoming making this one of the most amazing sonic experiences I’ve had this year. Personally, being Hispanic and actually having Brazilian music be part of my youth made this song a no brainer from the very first second as I noticed the two genres coming together to tell a story that reflects on the human experience of falling for someone. So listen with me and allow Monnize to pull you into the sweet magic found within this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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