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Playlists are back and to get things started here are some amazing tracks to make up “The Soundtrack Part I” – featuring indie pop, rock, folk, electronica, and a bit more from the U.S., Canada, the UK, and more.

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Noordwijk” by mightberea

Canadian indie singer/songwriter mightberea comes to Wolf in a Suit with a personal and bittersweet yet welcomed sonic gem in “Noordwijk”. With this honest blend of melodies and lyrics, she explores the aftertaste left in your soul after someone is gone yet you still reminisce and grief for there’s no going back, and the experiences that could have been will never be. There’s something about this song that hits so deep and so raw yet strangely enough, makes me smile and reminds me that we are not alone, and brings a sense of hope to my heart and soul. Her voice is pure and made of truth feelings and emotions that allow her to connect with the listeners instantly as she shares something so hers yet also so ours.

“Night Drive” by Devan

Uber-talented Canadian indie singer/songwriter Devan comes to us with the mesmerizing musical gem that is “Night Drive”. With this refreshingly enticing and vivid blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives our senses something so unique and so utterly hypnotizing that you are sure to be instantly pulled from your current reality into hers. The soundscape flow with such intoxicating magic, coming together verse after verse whispering in our ears as we noticed that we need more and more of it. There’s something about this track that just hits you and manages to play your imagination in a way that is so surreal yet so palpable and real.

“It should’ve been raining” by Against the Sun

Indie rock band Against the Sun comes to us with the powerful and hypnotizing musical gem that is “It should’ve been raining”. With this personal and powerful blend of melodies and lyrics, the band explores a complicated relationship fueled by substance abuse and the wide array of feelings and emotions that come with this. The track gives life to his harsh and very real tale in a way that grabs you instantly really taking you within the rollercoaster ride that a relationship like this can be. It does not shy away from anger and pain while embracing forgiveness and a sense of hope that is rare to find but stands out so passionately within this sonic gem. This soundscape understands the fragile nature of our human existence in a way that really checkmarks all the boxes and manages to connect perfectly with all who listen.

“My name is your language” by Kai Straw

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Kai Straw comes to us with an exquisite mix of pop, rock, RnB, and a sweet dash of the unknown with “My name is your language”. The track offers ours senses the perfect escape from reality and an invitation to dive into something new and irresistible. The melodies and lyrics compliment each other perfectly as they dance through the airwaves speaking to us and offering our imagination something special to be a part of. There’s no denying that this track has it all to be an instant must-listen gem for any music lover. So let go of all you know and allow yourself to be prey to his voice and his sounds.

“Eye Contact” by stayMellow

UK-based indie singer/songwriter stayMellow comes to us with a contemporary indie rock masterpiece in “Eye Contact”. With the always welcomed punk rock vibes, he gives life to a track bound to hit home for all listeners as it comes alive and grabs a hold of you. There’s something about the way the melodies and lyrics dance together in perfect unison that just feeds your senses all they ever needed to find musical bliss within this rebellious reality. The track is without a doubt a welcomed addition to my personal playlist and after hearing it just once, to yours.

“Comeback Kid” by Long Range Hustle

Canadian indie band Long Range Hustle comes to us with the passionate and instantly captivating sonic gem that is “Comeback Kid”. With this exquisite and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, they explore the at times tiring and weary nature of life and remind us to be strong and ready to keep on going for it’s all there for the taking, but we must push on. They understand that there are bound to be many ups and downs and don’t try to sell us an impossible fantasy but instead remind the listeners of the fire that dwells inside all of us. The track is one of those special musical creations that can serve to inspire you to start your day with the right foot as you go into the unknown each morning.

“OK” by Wallows ft. Remi Wolf & Solomonophonic

U.S. based indie band Wallows joins forces with Remi Wolf and Solomonophonic to give life to an instantly captivating sonic creation in “OK”. With this refreshingly soothing and uniquely hypnotizing blend of melodies and lyrics they give life to a catchy and honest tale that is sure to hit a nerve for all who listen. The track is, personally speaking, musical perfection that just grabs you and invites you to explore the sweet and magical reality of this realm that comes together verse after verse. They have managed to flow together quite nicely making sure they each provide the listeners with some personal dose of escapism that speaks to our senses and plays with our imagination.

“Pretty Girls” by yarn.

Up and coming indie pop-rock band yarn. come to Wolf in a Suit with their debut single, “Pretty Girls”. With an exquisite and well-crafted blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to a tale bound to serve as a critique to materialism within upper-class members in metropolitan areas. The track has all the right ingredients to become an instant fan favorite and it is sure to lead the way to more amazing work that is sure to come from this talented ensemble. They explore life through their own eyes and in that path find the right touch to connect with the listeners in a way that is quite refreshing and intoxicating.

“How it ends” by Micah Thunder

Uber talented indie singer/songwriter Micah Thunders blends the 90’s with today in the exhilarating sonic gem that is “How it ends”. With this refreshing and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives room for his voice to capture our attention and play with our imagination instantly. The verses flow one after the other giving our senses a fine dose of that unknown magic that makes or breaks a song as it pulls us down a rabbit hole only found within this realm. There’s no denying this, but this track is truly a one a kind adventure that ends up being a must-listen gem for any music lover.

“Friends” by Katie Kittermaster

UK-based uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Katie Kittermaster comes to us once more with the bittersweet and honest sonic creation that is “Friends”. With this refreshing and insightful blend of melodies and lyrics, she explores the harsh reality of breaking up and how at times it’s impossible to become friends. She understands that sometimes the moments shared and what lead to the end is too much and a friendship is not a card that can be played. The soundscape embraces the nostalgia and sadness of this experience in a way that is quite hypnotizing and easy to connect with. Katie has crafted a must listen gem for the broken-hearted.

“Mad Love” by Tim Schou ft. SOWFY

From Denmark come two absolutely amazing artists, say hello to Tim Schou and SOWFY as together they give life to the intoxicating and inviting sonic realm that is “Mad Love”. With this exquisite and playful blend of melodies and lyrics, they paint a picture that is quite magical and surreal yet so strangely human and romantic. The track comes together verse after verse making the experience come alive with each passing second pulling us into a world that is sure to feel as much ours as theirs. The story that unfolds within this soundscape is one that is sure hit a chord with many for you have either lived a love like this or at least seen one happen. So dive into the sweet escape offered by this must listen gem and enjoy the ride that awaits inside.

“Black & White” by Love Via Dance Machine

Indie pop band Love Via Dance Machine comes to us with an honest and hopefully romantic sonic gem that is “Black & White”. With this refreshing and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics, the band takes us for a ride through a tale of love fading away while one tries to keep it alive. It’s a nostalgic and bittersweet soundscape that understands that things are bound to happen and while the conclusion is still unknown, it does not seem that all that hope and wishful thinking is going to do the work. Who knows though, because what dies last is that sense of hope that things can get back to how it first was. So dive into this realm crafted by passion and utmost care as the sounds and visuals come together and give your imagination a run for its money.

“Big Girl Shoes” by Only Bricks

Indie pop band Only Bricks comes to us with an empowering and refreshingly captivating sonic gem in their single, “Big Girl Shoes”. With this utterly inspiring and mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics, they explore the reality of women in the workforce and turned it around towards men as a way that makes sure the message is clear, the world is not mean to be run by one side, it’s meant to be run by all. There’s something about the way the soundscape comes together that makes it feel like a perfect modern-day anthem that aims to bring attention to something so real and sadly still so true. The beauty and magic of the track also reside on the reminder that all of this is coming to an end, slowly but surely (as much as many try to stop – looking at you politicians). So listen and embrace the power, the fire, and the rebellious touch of this amazing must listen gem.

Dangerously Cool” by Jet Black Alley Cat

Uber-talented indie rockers Jet Black Alley Cat comes to us once more with the electrifying and hypnotizing sonic and visual gem that is “Dangerously Cool”. With this exquisite and enticing blend of melodies and lyrics, they blend pop, rock, and a sweet dose of punk to give life to something truly unique and out of this world. The track comes alive from the very first second and without hesitation grabs a hold of you and feeds your senses all you ever needed in a sonic escapade. The soundscape blends perfectly with the visuals making sure we are instantly pulled into a realm bound to be labeled as one of the most amazing servings of musical ambrosia of 2021. So be ready because the adventure into this unknown reality begins once you press play.

“Mary” by Hollywood Principle ft. MRKTS

Indie electro-pop band Hollywood Principle joins forces with indie band MRKTS to give life to the catchy and inviting sonic gem that is “Mary”. With this perfectly refreshing and hypnotizing blend of melodies and lyrics, they give our senses all we ever needed to smile, dance, and have one hell of a time. They make sure the soundscape pulls us with no hesitation into a realm so unique and instantly mesmerizing giving our imagination a welcomed dose of contemporary escapism. So let go of all you know and with open arms jump into the sweet magic of this must listen gem.

“All I can say” by Fialta

Cali-based indie band Fialta arrives at the lands of the Wolf in a Suit with a personal and introspective sonic gem in “All I can say”. With this exquisite and hypnotizing soundscape, they open up their hearts and souls and invite us to do the same as they share a bit of what it means to be human. The verses come one after the other to paint a picture that embraces the at times bittersweet nature of life while staying hopeful for something better that takes you out from those dark periods into something with a bit more color. The track is quite frankly instantly relatable and has that special that makes it feel so personal to the band but so universal for the listeners.

“The Worst” by Spencer William

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Spencer William opens up his heart and soul and gives us a chance to know more of the person, not just the artist, with the sonic gem that is “The Worst”. With this hypnotizing and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics, he reflects on the at times harsh nature of our own human existence. He reflects on how we all tend to make it so easy and so simple to notice all the bad yet can’t do the same when something good is right there in front of you. The track is perfectly crafted as it comes into the airwaves and speaks to our senses in ways that thankfully and sadly ring so true for we have all fallen prey to this. We all, at least once, kept both our eyes open for something negative while offering just one eye half-open for the positive. It’s human nature but maybe we can push each other to do a little better and search for something beautiful and full of hope than for those things that can even make us crumble and fall.

“Could be Us” by Great Good Fine Ok ft. Emily Burns

U.S. based indie-pop band Great Good Fine Ok joins forces with the talented UK based indie singer/songwriter Emily Burns to give life to the romantic sonic escapade that is “Could be Us”. With this enticing and honest showcase of feelings and emotions they speak to our hearts and souls as they feed our senses with something special and instantly captivating. The soundscape plays with our imagination giving us the chance to explore something so raw and so human that is sure to connect with all listeners instantly. There’s something about the way the voices come together and explore the magic setup crafted by the instruments as melodies and lyrics blend together whispering hopeful words that make us smile. Enjoy!

“Fame” by The Satellite Station

Indie singer/songwriter Travis Rue AKA The Satellite Station comes to us with a tale that is so real and so raw with the sonic gem that is “Fame”. With this exquisite and well-crafted blend of melodies and lyrics, he explores the dark side of fame as it starts to grow more and more, going from being part of your life to being the complete side of it. He explores this with a refreshing and captivating fashion that is inviting and allows the listener to find a connection with the story that is unfolding. The soundscape comes together verse after verse serving us with a vivid and honest dose of musical ambrosia bound to trigger our senses and feed our imagination.

“Until We Drink” by Savannah Sgro

Uber-talented wolf in a suit favorite Savannah Sgro comes to us once more with her latest sonic creation in “Until We Drink”. With this refreshing and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a tale so vivid and so real. She explores the unknown borders of friendship and something else (maybe love, maybe not) in a way that is so personal and instantly relatable that there’s no denying the pull that you feel once the verses start taking shape and form one after the other. The track paints a clear picture that makes you wonder if the drinks are the key or simply the excuse to take that extra step. It’s a magical and mesmerizing rollercoaster that speaks to our senses from the very first second and makes your heart beat just a little faster

“Jokers” by Nikita Afonso

Uber-talented Canadian indie singer/songwriter Nikita Afonso comes to us with the hypnotizing and honest sonic gem that is “Jokers”. With this refreshing union of pop and folk, she gives life to a tale that resides in her verses and feels so connected with the harsh truth of the world nowadays. The melodies and lyrics compliment each other quite perfectly making sure the soundscape embraces our senses and allow us to feel the story as it unfolds right in front of us taking over the airwaves. She explores the sad nature of social media and how it pressures us into feeling lost and out of place as the fantasy world constantly showcased passes us by.

“Light that shines through” by Emmit Fenn

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Emmit Fenn comes to us once more and this time around invites us into the sonic realm of “Light that shines through”. With a blend of down-to-earth lyricism and surreal and lush melodies, he gives the voice the perfect place to come alive and guide the listeners to a tale so human and so hypnotizing. There’s something about the soundscape that caresses your heart and soul in a way that simply feels unlike anything else out. There’s something within this track that brings forth a dose of peace and acceptance that invites us to only explore the effect of others in our lives but also how are involved in it. There’s no way we can deny the fact that Emmit has crafted a must listen gem bound to connect with listeners across the globe in an instant.