“For the kids” by Hannah Campbell

Uber-talented Australian indie singer/songwriter Hannah Campbell comes to Wolf in a Suit with the bittersweet and hypnotizing sonic gem that is “For the kids”. With this refreshingly honest and raw blend of melodies and lyrics, she remembers the magic and sweet beauty that was always part of being a child, especially in the holiday season as family came together and you felt a warmth and a love unlike anything else. The soundscape understands that we are all adults now but it does not mean that we cannot miss that feeling and connection with the unknown and magical realm that seemed to come alive every time near the holidays. She explores this with a hopeful tone as maybe this past year might have been perfect for one of those so-called Christmas miracles. So listen, connect and explore the vivid and mesmerizing nature of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“This song talks about missing that feeling of magic and closeness and wonder that I felt around this time of year as a kid. I might not get to be with my family for the festive season, and I haven’t seen them since March, so to go home for the holidays is all I want, it would actually be the perfect gift.” 

Hannah Campbell

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