“Get What You Give” by Sharaya Summers

Uber-talented and hypnotizing indie singer/songwriter Sharaya Summers comes to Wolf in a Suit with the perfectly crafted sonic gem, “Get what you give”. With this surreal and intoxicating exploration of the self and the world she gives life to a story that is both personal and universal in its own unique manner. The track flows through the airwaves blending melodies and lyrics into one as it caresses our senses and plays with our imagination. There’s something about this song that just hits you and feels like the verses are speaking about something you know so well either by having live through it or seen it. The human experience is showcased beautifully through this must listen / must see gem and there’s no denying that it truly deserves to be shared and heard by all music lovers. Enjoy!

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“For me creating art is what helps me process my thoughts and emotions. The stuff churning in me just kind of finds its way out, after which I can look back and try to understand it. It’s difficult to state what a song or video is about because it’s so subjective to the viewers perspective. Meaning changes as we ourselves grow and change. This video is one of those pieces for me. It felt so good to get it all out, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around what I’m trying to say. Director JD created the concept, drove up from LA, (to my hometown in Oregon),  and shot the whole thing in a few days. I think she would agree that the end result is open to interpretation.”

Sharaya Summers

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