“The right side of history” by Wallace Tallman

Up and coming indie singer/songwriter Wallace Tallman comes to us with the sonic tale of “The Right side of history”. With this honest and brutal recollection of the dark side of the history of our nation he gives our senses a much needed dose of humanity and reality. The track flows with a subtle and captivating calmness that hides a raw and down to earth exploration of the bittersweet path taken in our country’s past that is sure hit like a hammer to the wall. He understands that we can’t stay quiet and simply take all the bad and do nothing about it, we can move forward and change the path of our history so that it embraces anyone and everyone not matter the skin color, the sexual orientation or the path in life chosen. So listen, learn and push yourself and others to do better and to be better for this must listen gem has it all to inspire you to do so. Enjoy!

"...Hate never went away
It’s just found a hiding place
But now in the light of day
It’s hardly hiding out..."

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“Music is one too many places where racism has taken away Black wealth, and art needs to be a service in restoring that.”

Wallace Tallman

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