“7th Heaven” by Angelina Jordan

Norwegian up and coming indie singer/songwriter Angelina Jordan comes to Wolf in a Suit with the mesmerizing and inspiring sonic gem that is “7th Heaven”. With this refreshing and powerful blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the ups and downs that make up the experience that is life in general. With her unique blend of old school meets new school, she manages to speak to our senses and remind us that there will always be stops along the road, but we can’t let them prevent us from reaching our goals and making things happen. We are all capable of so much but sometimes we let life get the better of us and bring us down as we forgot how truly powerful we actually can be. So listen carefully and embrace the sweet dose of hopeful positivity and escapism offered by this vivid must listen gem. Enjoy!

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Life has ups and downs, and you always have to be ready for whatever is coming up. The song is a reminder to look at everything in a positive light and not get down on yourself. Most importantly—no matter what you’re doing—don’t give up. It’s also meant to make you dance.”

Angelina Jordan

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