“To The Valley Below” by Daniel Netz

From Israel comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Daniel Netz with the uniquely mesmerizing sonic gem that is “To The Valley Below”. With this haunting and surreal blend of melodies and lyrics, she explores life, the mind, and the power that lies in it in a way that is instantly captivating and inviting. The track comes together with such ease that there’s no way you can prevent it from pulling you in as you fall prey to the sweet magic that dwells within it. The soundscape dances with your senses and plays with your imagination in a way that is quite freeing as you embrace the fact that we are in complete awe of this must-listen / must-see gem. Enjoy!

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“In this moment of uncertainty, I’ve painted a better place for myself. a burden free, pure utopian world. no sadness, nor fear. not even happiness. a clean slate. 

As human beings, we are capable of creating our own idea of “reality”, our own personal interpretation. it’s about changing our perspective, realising that the only true human power is the power of choice”.

Daniel Netz

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