“Second Best” by Close Talker

Canadian indie pop band Close Talker comes to Wolf in a Suit with the personal and hypnotizing sonic and visual escapade that is “Second Best”. With this refreshing and exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics the band explores their own experiences with touring, gigs and life away from family, friends and those they care for most. The track is quite inviting and human making for an experience that you hope to have as a music lover for it caresses your soul and feeds your senses with all that you need to wake your imagination and truly dive into what dwells inside this soundscape. There’s something about the way the song comes together that invites us to realize how magical and how beautiful it truly is and that we are in front of something special bound to be labeled as a must-listen / must-see gem. Enjoy!

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“…I called you at 2 AM

Forgot about the time change

I’ll try you tomorrow in Berlin

But now this is coming to

The end of an era

And the start of a new…”

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